The castle today

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Architect Jukka Tikkanen of Jyväskylä purchased the Schauman Castel in 2008. In 1990s and early 2000s, Jukka Tikkanen was the foremost designer of residential housing in Jyväskylä. In 2005, he moved his operation to Russia.

- I have designed nearly all of the Lutakko housing development that lies near by. The castle was the starting point of design, the gem. When nobody wanted to take care of the castle, and UPM decided to sell it, I felt it my duty to salvage it. The offices of Arkkitehtisuunnittelu Jukka Tikkanen Oy were placed in the castle, and half of the castle was renovated and turned into an apartment, Tikkanen explains.

Tikkanen immediately began a large-scale castle restoration project, and he and his wife lived in the guest quarters of the castle. After purchasing the castle, Tikkanen  rented half of it to businesses. In March 2015, Tana Oy, an environment technology company from Jyväskylä, moved into one end of the castle. Along with Tana's move, KAIKAI, an interior design company from Tampere, was brought in to restore and renovate the castle.

In 2021 Jukka Tikkanen sold the Castle to USF Invest Oy. Tana Oy is still the main tenant.

Tikkanen feels that renovating the castle and taking care of it is primarily a "civic duty". The renovation has required a lot of capital and time, but the love of art is foremost evident in the outcome.

-In Schauman Castel I can live in the midst of past glory, use my few moments of leisure in a useful way and see the castle gradually restored to its former glory.

All the electric wiring and sewage pipes of the castle are new. Also all the surfaces have been examined and the original room arrangement has been partly restored and original surface materials have been exposed.

- We will continue to renovate the castle in the future.. Our goal is to restore the building and its surroundings as closely as possible to its original state in 1924, but we have not set a schedule within which to achieve this.


Source: Maria Pecoraro: Schaumanin linna – Tehtaanjohtajan koti Jyväskylässä (2009), Jukka Tikkanen